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Allah sent Gen. Bajwa to show the way of PTI, Elahi


Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi has said that Allah changed the path while going towards PML-N and Allah sent former Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa to show the way.

Talking to a private channel, he said that neither the former army chief played a double game nor the Chairman PTI Imran Khan, Allah sent Bajwa Sahib to show the way.

He said I spoke to the Sharifs, these are dangers, think about it, General Bajwa said that Imran Khan’s path is better for you and your friends. The Chief Minister said that on the request of Imran Khan, be prepared to dissolve the Punjab Assembly, and advised to wait till March, this is a good opportunity for the opposition to negotiate.

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Also, while talking about the former Chief Minister of Punjab, he said that Usman Buzdar could not become Tehsil Nazim, he was made the Chief Minister of Punjab on my request.

Parvez Elahi said that if General Faiz had listened to us on the issue of Usman Buzdar, then this situation would not have arisen, neither General Bajwa nor Imran Khan played a double game, not because of anyone’s request, they supported Imran Khan of their own free will.

Parvez Elahi said that the assembly will not go until March, the dissolution was not spoken orally, and we have old personal relations with the institutions, and the closer we are to the institutions, the more we will monitor the situation.

Chief Minister Punjab said that Imran Khan had said before taking an oath that he would dissolve the assembly if he says anything, Monis said that General Bajwa should not be criticized, and reforms and elections should be discussed by March. We should not criticize institutions.

He said that Q-League has complete confidence in Imran Khan, the decision to dissolve the assembly depends on the attitude of the government, not only our police should speak against the institutions, we will fulfill the language we have given, we are on Sharifs. There is no trust, consult the institutions on political matters, talk to the institutions on political unity, they said to make your own decision.

Parvez Elahi said that neither General Faiz nor the current government will be wrong. Mons Elahi had said in the cabinet meeting that General Bajwa has done a lot for us. Faiz Sahib’s issue was strange.

Punjab Chief Minister said that I forwarded Usman Buzdar, he had relations with his father, General Faiz and Jahangir Tareen told me about Usman Buzdar, we tried to resolve these issues, after the attack on Imran Khan, many There is a gulf of misunderstandings, Imran Khan should not have called Mir Sadiq Mir Jafar, Imran Khan is my leader, I can’t say anything more.

It should be noted that a few days ago, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan said that giving an extension to General (R) Bajwa was a big mistake because he played a double game with me after removing General (R) Faiz while the Pakistan Muslim League The leader of QA Munis Elahi had said that before the no-confidence motion, General (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa had asked to support PTI.

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