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Alleged corruption less than 50crs, PTI’s Sabtain Khan freed from NAB

Lahore: Leader of Tehreek-e-Insaf and Speaker Punjab Assembly Sabtain Khan also joined the beneficiaries of the NAB Amendment Act.

Accountability Court Judge Zubair Shahzad Kayani issued a 4-page written decision to return the reference of illegal contracts of mineral reserves in Chiniot against Sabtain Khan and others, in which it is said that the accused have been accused of corruption of less than 50 crores. and under Section 5 of the NAB Amendment Act, corruption cases of less than 50 crores are outside the jurisdiction of the court.

It has been written in the judgment that under the NAB Amendment Act, the court cannot take further action on this reference. Reference is ordered to be sent back to Chairman NAB. Chairman NAB take the action on the relevant forum. All the accused will be on bail and will appear in the relevant forum on summons.

According to the decision of the accountability court, Speaker Punjab Assembly Sabtain Khan and others challenged the jurisdiction of the court on the basis of the NAB Amendment Act. According to the accused, the inquiry was reopened despite the court order, which is a violation of Section 9 of the NAB Amendment Act. The accused were accused of giving illegal contract of mineral reserves to the accused Arshad Waheed in Chiniot. Sabtin Khan as Minister of Minerals gave benefits to the accused Arshad Waheed. Imtiaz Ahmed invested 2 million on Sabatin Khan’s election campaign.

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