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Appointments Summary of armed forces received by PM House

Islamabad: Prime Minister House has received the summary of the Army Chief and important appointments in the Pakistan Army from GHQ.

According to the information received by Leading News from the sources, the summary received by the Prime Minister House contains the names of 6 Lt. Generals, including the names of Lt. Gen. Asim Munir, Lt. Gen. Sahir Shamshad, Lt. Gen. Azhar.

According to the sources, the names of Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, Lieutenant General Nauman and Lieutenant General Aamir are also included in the summary.

It should be noted that the government will decide after consultation on the summary sent by GHQ and select one of them as the army chief and then the summary will be sent to President Arif Alvi for approval.

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On the other hand, the government has called a meeting of the parliamentary party of the coalition parties on the evening of November 23, which will be chaired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, to consider important appointments and other domestic political situations.

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