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Assemblies to be dissolve in December, Imran Khan

Lahore: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan announced the dissolution of the assemblies in December and claimed that General (Rtd) Bajwa used to say that PML-G is coming next time.

Speaking on a private TV program, Imran Khan said that the decision to dissolve the assemblies will be followed, and the party is consulting on the constitutional and legal aspects.

He said that as soon as the assemblies are dissolved, after 48 hours the caretaker setup will come.

PTI Chairman said that Pervaiz Elahi thinks that the assemblies should continue for some time, but the Chief Minister of Punjab has given me the final authority to dissolve the assembly and we have decided to dissolve it in December itself. He clarified that there was no talk of making Parvez Elahi the Chief Minister after the upcoming elections.

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General (Rtd) Bajwa used to say that the next govt will be of PML-N

Imran Khan alleged that ‘General (R) Bajwa used to say that next time PML-N is coming and no one will take PTI ticket, they call themselves non-political and then become political’.

Chairman PTI claimed that General Bajwa kept asking Aleem Khan to be the Chief Minister of Punjab, his demand to remove Buzdar was strange while LDA had said that Aleem Khan had seized land worth billions of rupees. And Parvez Elahi had also said that he will not vote for Aleem Khan as the Chief Minister of Punjab.

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