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Billions Blockchain, Exchange & MDR Academy launched in Dubai

Dubai: After the legalization of blockchain and digital currency by the Dubai government, the series of events regarding the launch of blockchain technology and digital currency continues. Billions Blockchain, Billions Exchange and MDR Academy were launched in Dubai. A large number of the business community from different countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, the United Kingdom, and UAE participated in the mega-launching ceremony. Know more about this exciting event in this report.

The state of the Emirates of Dubai is also a pioneer in the development of digital currency and blockchain technology. Dubai has become the hub of global trade. In terms of tourism, Dubai has surpassed other cities in the world. In this era of digitalization, Dubai has also started taking important steps in blockchain technology. has introduced new laws regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, after which companies investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology from around the world have made Dubai their home.

Speaking at the event, Billions Blockchain and Exchange Founder Syed Ashfaq Bukhari, Zubair Ijaz Bhatt, International Peace Ambassador Professor Muhammad Abdul Najeeb, Sri Lakhan Singh, Shahid Ishaq, Rajeev Verma, Agnivish Soni, Neeraj Sharma, Sameer Dhawan, and other speakers said that for development, the requirements of the modern age should be adopted. Digital currency is the need of the hour. The world is shifting towards digital currency. Major countries are now digitizing their banking systems.

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The founders of Bullions Digital Exchange and others said that Bullions Exchange has received a good response in the UAE. The governments and business communities of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other Asian countries have to adopt blockchain technology.

UAE’s prominent business, political and social figures welcomed the launch of the new currency and expressed their best wishes to the founders of Bullion Exchange and Blockchain. Now Dubai is also playing an important role in the promotion of the metaverse. Experts said that business is now being done in digital currency on a large scale in the world, for which blockchain technology is being used.


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