Mohsin Haider Abbas found innocent of breach of trust

Last month, Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife Fatema Sohail spoke out against him and shared her story of physical, mental and verbal abuse that she suffered at the hands of her estranged husband. Fatema also registered an FIR against him and, in a recent turn of events, Haider was found guilty of threatening his wife by a lower court in Lahore.

However, after a police investigation Haider has been found innocent in terms of demanding money and breach of trust. Besides, the Investigation Officer’s report also absolved Haider of a charge alleging that the actor had held a gun to his wife’s head.

Despite being found guilty, Mohsin shared a video on his social media on Wednesday, in which he and his lawyer Adnan Tariq insist that the incident the accuser has narrated is completely false.

“The investigation was high profile and it was conducted by the SSP, ADIG monitored it themselves and, after the investigation, Haider was let off the hook as no money trail was found,” asserted the lawyer, adding that since the allegations are baseless they have withdrawn their plea for bail and that the court has accepted Haider’s request and returned the bail application.

In the video, the actor also spoke about the legal proceedings and kept repeating that truth always reigns supreme. Haider also went on to express that he was disappointed by the film and television fraternity that believed his wife and not him. He said that due to the false allegations he suffered physical and financial losses.

“Since the beginning I was requesting everyone not to believe every crying woman and to investigate before jumping to conclusions. But no one believed me. So I chose to stay quiet for this long because I was having a legal war and now the result is here. Now I hope to see the reactions of those who went against me,” he concluded.

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