“Pakistanis are proud ISI agents,” Hamza Abbasi responds to Arnab Goswami


Indian journalist and news anchor Arnab Goswami is always at the forefront when it comes to hate speech and initiating any dialogue that is anti-Pakistan. According to recent reports, Goswami and his channel Republic TV recently declared Hamza Ali Abbasi an undercover ISI agent. In response, Hamza took to Twitter and asserted that he, along with over 200 million Pakistani, is a proud ISI agent.

“So that over actor and war mongerer for ratings guy Arnab/his channel declared me an undercover ISI agent! Let me clarify: I am not an “undercover” ISI agent; I am very openly/proudly an ISI agent, just like more than 200 million Pakistanis are proud ISI agents! #15thAugustBlackDay,” he tweeted yesterday.

This was followed by a series of tweets by Hamza against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fascist regime in the name of Indian nationalism.

“I always thought maybe I will not see a free Kashmir in my lifetime but seeing 1 blunder after another of Modi’s fascist regime and the delusional propaganda their fascist media outlets are spreading, I am now very confident that inshaAllah I will see a Free Kashmir very soon,” he furthered.

Hamza performed Hajj this year and also shared, via a video clip, what a wonderful experience it was.

“When I came here my first impression was inclusiveness, seeing people from literally every country of this planet united under this one tree that there is only one God,” he noted, among other things.

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