Yasir Hussain comes under fire once again

Actor, host and comedian, Yasir Hussain is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. He recently posted a picture of actress Hira Mani wearing a black and white printed sari on his Instagram story saying, “Jab Eid pe darzi dukaan band kar jaye (when the tailor is closed during Eid).”

Yasir insists on ‘live and let others live,’ whenever people try to intervene in his personal life (reference: his recent marriage proposal to Iqra Aziz at the LSAs 2019). We feel Hira served him right with her response, reminding him of his own words without mentioning his name.

“It is so funny that sometimes people forget what being ‘liberal’ really means. Being a true liberal means ‘jio or jeene dou’ (live and let live), but for some people it interprets as ‘meri opinion se agree karte ho to sukoon se jio nahi to jeene nahi dounga’ (if you agree with my opinion then live peacefully or else I will not let you live),” she wrote in her Instagram story.

“Unfortunately, that is not liberalism… in a more sane world it is called being negatively opinionated and downright pushy!” she added, saying that this is the reason she stresses on living happy and enjoying life.

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