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Captain (retd) Safdar acquitted in riot case

Lahore: Muslim League (N) leader Captain (R) Safdar acquitted by the court of Civil Judge Imran Akram in the case of interference in government and rioting.

Captain (Rtd) Safdar appeared in the hearing of the case of interference in the government car and rioting registered in Police Station City Rawalpindi. In 2018, 15 accused have already been acquitted in this case registered for holding a rally after being convicted by the NAB court. In today’s hearing, the court reserved the verdict, which was released later.

Earlier, talking to the media in Rawalpindi Court before the trial, League leader Captain (R) Safdar said that Maryam Nawaz will reach Lahore on January 29 before Nawaz Sharif, where she will be given a grand welcome. He said that General Bajwa’s intervention destroyed the country, General Musharraf’s intervention caused irreparable damage to the country and judges’ interference also caused irreparable damage to the country.

Captain (retd) Safdar said that General Bajwa is no longer able to go to any wedding, condolence, function or market. Those who derailed our government will face Article 6. The judges and generals who brought Pakistan to this state will expose them all.

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He said that General Zia, Musharraf, Bajwa, General Faiz did it right? Martial law behind the scenes of General Bajwa and General Faiz Hameed deprived the people of flour. Faiz Hameed and Saqib Nisar Tola are responsible for the current situation in the country.

Talking to the media, he further said that we are not targeting the courts but even today there are characters like Justice Munir and Justice Irshad. It is Panama’s internal blackmailer judges who have brought the country to this point. Courts have never saved their pensions, not the state or politicians. Justice Saqib Nisar group defamed Supreme Court judges.

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law and Maryam Nawaz’s husband Captain (retd) Safdar said that Maryam Nawaz will come back and expose the conspirators against Pakistan. The reception of Maryam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif will sweep away Faiz Hameed and Saqib Nisari group. He said that both Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are coming to Pakistan. The reception of Maryam Nawaz will be a rehearsal of the reception of Nawaz Sharif.

Captain (retd) Safdar said that Maryam Nawaz will reach Lahore Airport on January 29 at 4 pm.

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