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COVID Prevention, new orders issued for airports

Karachi: To prevent the spread of Corona virus, the Civil Aviation Authority has issued new orders for airports, under which a negative Corona test report has been made mandatory for passengers going to China.

CAA officials have issued instructions to all relevant staff posted in the International Arrival Lounge to wear face masks compulsorily while issuing a letter to all airlines operating flights from Pakistan to China.

According to the post, it is mandatory for those going to China to show a negative corona report 48 hours before the flight. From January 8, boarding cards will be issued to passengers only after a negative corona report.

According to the post issued by Civil Aviation, the health declaration code, green code for international passengers has been canceled, all the staff in the international arrival lounge must wear face masks, while disinfection and fumigation measures have been taken at the entry points and from abroad. Corona screening of 2% passengers of incoming flights should be ensured.

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