‘Highly Commended’ award for bright Pakistani student in UK


LONDON: A bright Pakistani student has been awarded “Highly Commended Masters Student of the Year 2019” by FindAMasters which is a database of Masters degree programmes and related opportunities globally.

Bilal Bin Saqib was awarded for the contribution he made at the campus. FindAMasters says on its website: “Our Masters student of the year award honours those who are highly motivated and demonstrate exceptional competence and curiosity in their studies.”

In a statement, the London School of Economics’ Students Union said: “A big congratulations to your outgoing Postgraduate Students’ Officer Bilal Bin Saqib for his recent award of highly commended Masters Students of the year! Bilal has worked so hard to give back to the LSE community throughout his time here and we’re very proud to see that his efforts have been rewarded. Well done Bilal and we wish you all the best for your next adventures.

Established in 2005, it lists over 25,000 postgraduate courses at institutions around the world. Every year, they call for applications from around the UK from Masters Students and shortlist best candidates based on their nominations, experiences, leadership qualities and academic achievements.

Bilal Bin Saqib served as a Post Graduate Students’ Officer 2018-19 at the LSE where he represented 7000 students (65% of student population) at both local and international levels.

Bilal Bin Saqib told this correspondent: “It means a lot to me as it celebrates not just my academic position but also the experiences that I gained throughout the year. This year my goal has not just been on self-learning but also on making an impact among the students’ community at LSE campus. From getting invited by the CEO of Audemars Piguet to hosting Alexandre Arnault, Alex Partridge, Sadhguru on campus, getting the chance to meet other notable personalities from all over the world, reaching a figure of 40,000 individuals in terms of impact through Tayaba.org- the year 2018-2019 will be marked as one of the most incredible years in my experience diary.”

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