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Establishment was not with us for last three months, Imran Khan

When I was the Prime Minister, I had no authority over NAB: Chairman PTI

Karachi: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that when we came to power, the establishment was with us, but in the last three to four months of the government, they were not with us.

In an informal conversation with journalists in Karachi, Imran Khan has said that even while he was the Prime Minister, I had no authority over NAB.

Imran Khan said that the political party goes to the people and not to America, this thief and corrupt group came to power to finish their cases and they have no sympathy with the people.

He further said that this is not a by-election but an election to determine the future of Pakistan.

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Earlier, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan while addressing the lawyers in a function organized by Karachi Bar said that Pakistan is standing at a decisive point in history if these thieves are given NRO-2 or if they succeed. So the country will have no future.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan said in his speech that he is grateful for the invitation of the Karachi Bar Association, it is the most decisive stage in the history of the country, if NRO 2 is given to the big criminals, the country will have no future.

Imran Khan said that if a small thief sits in jail and a big thief sits in the house, what is the future of the country? Lawyers understand the rule of law. If the rulers flout the law, our future will be bad and we must not allow it to happen.

He reiterated once again that I am waging Jihad against these thieves to get real freedom and want you all to be with me in this. The struggle for the creation of Pakistan was led by lawyers, so we want lawyers to be with us in the struggle.

Imran Khan said that robbers used to go out and return with NRO and then loot. The lawyers of our country have always fought for the rule of law, just like the great lawyers of Pakistan movement in 1947.

He further said that lawyers should stand by the rule of law for real freedom, if these thieves succeed this time, our country has no future. I want everyone to join me in the struggle for real freedom, that way we will succeed.

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