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Govt’s legal team prevented Governor from dismissing CM

Lahore: The PDM legal team prevented Governor Balighur Rehman from dismissing Chief Minister Punjab Pervaiz Elahi.

According to the sources, the reasons for not de-notifying Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi on behalf of Governor Punjab have come to light.

Inspite of thousands of efforts, PDM is facing serious difficulties in denotifying the Chief Minister of Punjab. The facts behind the non-issue of the notification by the Governor have come to light.

PDM’s legal team prevented the Punjab Governor from dismissing the Punjab Chief Minister. According to the opinion of legal experts, under the constitution, unless the Chief Minister of Punjab refuses to take the vote of confidence, the notification cannot be issued.

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If necessary legal procedures are not taken and de-notification is done, the court will give immediate relief to the Chief Minister. Legal experts suggested that the Speaker Punjab Assembly’s ruling is unconstitutional and should first be challenged in court.

Constitutional experts opined that if the Punjab Assembly session was held and the Chief Minister did not take the vote of confidence, then the Chief Minister would have been guilty. How can the Chief Minister be de-notified if the meeting was not held? Yes, not against the Chief Minister.

Governor Punjab has decided to further consult with legal experts on the issue of dismissing the Chief Minister of Punjab. League leaders are in consultation to consider constitutional and legal action against the speaker.

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