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I will block the renewal of K Electric’s license, Governor Sindh

Karachi: Sindh Governor Kamran Tesori has said that he will obstruct the renewal of K Electric’s license.

Speaking at the Korangi Association function in Karachi, Kamran Tesori said that first of all, KElectric will have to correct its Qibla, now I will make them ashamed and it will be an effort to make them reform.

He said that there will be an obstacle in the renewal of the license of K Electric, when the new license will be issued in the city, it will be clarified, Karachi is crying because the citizens are not being supplied with electricity.

Governor Sindh said that I will try to talk to those who can stop K Electric. I have to sit and talk with him a lot, as a governor I found it difficult but now Mola Jat bin I will do it.

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Kamran Tesori further said that industrial plots are occupied in Karachi, today I am telling this occupation mafia to leave Karachi, strict action is going to be taken, land will not be occupied anymore.

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