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if Imran was powerless, so why Gen. Bajwa offered for extension, Maryam

Islamabad: Information Minister Maryam Aurangzeb has said that if General (R) Bajwa was doing everything and Imran was powerless, then why did he offer extension to General (R) Bajwa?

Reacting to Imran Khan’s announcement of dissolution of the assemblies, She said that dates are not required to dissolve the assemblies, but courage is required. Attack the foreign policy, when his power ended, he tried to sabotage the IMF deal signed by himself by writing letters to the ministers. Imran Khan’s drama of overthrowing the government is only so that my four years of looting does not come to light.

Maryam Aurangzeb said that why is Imran Khan making noise? Why not wait for August 2023 for new elections? This noise is so that their theft does not come to light, they do not have to answer for foreign funding, the case of ciphers is not opened, they do not have to answer for making money from the treasury, they have nothing to do with elections or democratic process, new Calling for elections is just to hide your corruption, this noise will not hide the decision of the California court.

The Information Minister said that when Imran Khan got the government, he was given a developing country and they say that he got a bankrupt country and when Imran Khan left, inflation was at its peak and the country was destroyed.

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She said that Imran Khan says that I did nothing and General (R) did everything and gave NRO to people, so why did Imran Khan offer extension of tenure to General (R) Bajwa in a closed room? Who? If you didn’t have the power, why didn’t you dissolve this assembly then and tell the people that Bajwa is not allowing me to hold the people accountable.

Maryam Aurangzeb said that if these two assemblies are broken, your corruption will be exposed and who will bear the expenses of Bani Gala? Therefore, this announcement is meaningless. Imran Khan will not dissolve the assemblies.

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