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Imran’s offer of conditional talks to Govt

Lahore: Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan offered conditional talks to the government and said that the government should give a date for the general elections, otherwise the assemblies will be dissolved.

In his statement, Imran Khan said that (Q) League is completely standing with us, which has given us the confidence to dissolve the Punjab Assembly, as soon as I say it, Pervez Elahi will dissolve the Assembly.

Imran Khan said that as a result of the dissolution of the assemblies, elections will be held in 66 percent of the seats across the country. They are afraid that they have to go to Pat as soon as the elections are held, their plan is to somehow disqualify me and put me in jail, they have cleared all their cases from NAB.

He said that our economic condition is bad, if we default, the national security of Pakistan will be in danger. But now the country is in a bad situation.

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