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JKLF terms NIA plea for Yasin Malik’s death penalty politically motivated

Chief organiser castigates Altaf Bukhari for remarks in favour of the move

LONDON: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has termed the plea of India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) to Delhi high court for sentencing JKLF incarcerated Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik to death as nefarious and politically motivated.

In a statement — issued from the party’s international secretariat in London — JKLF’s central chief organiser Sabir Gul has strongly condemned the Indian act.

Gul said that exactly after a year when on the dictates of current extremist government of India, Yasin Malik was unfairly awarded life sentence by a special court in fake, concocted and frivolous cases, the same Indian notorious agency NIA has now moved Delhi high court asking for Malik’s death penalty.

While terming JKLF Chairman Yasin Malik as the worst victim of political vendetta at the hands of the government of India, Gul said moving the high court to award capital punishment to Yasin Malik itself shows the political motivation of this agency and also the callous and undemocratic behaviour of the Indian government towards the Kashmiri political prisoners.

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Gul said that the concocted charges of terror funding, for which Yasin Malik was sentenced to life, and for which now the Indian government is seeking a death sentence, are not only laughable but an eye opener for those who still believe in India being a democracy and law-abiding nation.

The unbearable plight of the people of the Indian-held Jammu Kashmir, unabated acts of trampling of human rights, suppression of media, use of NIA to silence the voice of political dissent and the use of heavy military might to crush any voice of freedom emanating from the Jammu Kashmir State are glaring examples of the Indian state-sponsored terrorism, the statement read.

Gul said that the Indian government has enhanced its tyrant approach in Kashmir and the international community — especially the so-called champions of democracy, human rights, free press, and non-violence including the UK, USA, EU and OIC for their petty economic motives — are hand-in-glove with the Indian government in what is happening in the state.

According to the statement, he said that JKLF, as the largest pro-freedom political organisation from across the ceasefire line of the state, and its incarcerated chairman Yasin Malik are being targeted by the Indian fascist regime for non-violent and peaceful political beliefs.

It is worth mentioning that JKLF and Yasin Malik have contributed tremendously in the peaceful resolution of the Jammu Kashmir issue, he added. Many western and European countries, especially the UK, USA, and European Union nations, are aware of JKLF, its leadership and its struggle, he said.

The JKLF leader urged the world leaders — especially of UK, USA, EU and OIC — to shun their politics of hypocrisy and treat the human rights of all nations including those of the Kashmiris equally, otherwise, the time will come when no one will believe and pay any heed to their sermons on freedom, democracy, and human rights.

The JKLF chief organiser castigated Altaf Bukhari and some of the BJP leaders for their statements supporting the NIA plea regarding Yasin Malik.

While terming Altaf Bukhari as a wretched political renegade, Gul said that he and other renegades like him are actually those turncoats who for their petty and vested interests always sided with the power, be it of Dr. Farooq Abdullah’s NC, Ghulam Muhammad Shah’s defunct NC group, militancy, pro-freedom camp, Late Mufti Sayed’s PDP and now of BJP.

This BJP and Indian agency’s stooge is now trying to please his current master Mr. Modi and RSS with the aim to earn power in Jammu Kashmir, he said.

According to the statement, Gul said that every Kashmiri is aware of Altaf Bukhari and his family’s history of treason. His late father, in the 80s, conspired against NC and divided it at the behest of Indian agencies by supporting the disgruntled faction of NC led by late Ghulam Muhammad Shah, brother-in-law of the then CM and President of NC, Dr. Farooq Abdullah. He said that Altaf Bukhari is the same person who, contrary to the general public opinion in Kashmir, on the dictates of Indian agencies supported Indian military aggression of 5th August, 2019 and became instrumental in dividing PDP led by Ms. Mehbooba Mufti.

The JKLF leader said that how can we forget him and his family gathering the huge wealth during militancy when on the onset of the current freedom movement he jumped in and used the contacts of some of the leaders of freedom camp including that of some of the militant commanders. In the name of the freedom movement he established his own business empire and later betrayed it shamelessly.

Gul said that by expressing his happiness over NIA’s plea for hanging Yasin malik, Altaf Bukhari has actually shown his real renegade character. His genealogy stands for betrayal, treason, loot, and boot-licking, Gul added.

The JKLF chief organiser said that people like Altaf Bukhari should know that Yasin Malik is an internationally recognised leader of Kashmiris, a brave son of the soil, and a follower of Martyr Muhammad Maqbool Butt who kissed gallows but never compromised his principles and the struggle. As a matter of fact, bigots like Altaf Bukhari should remember that their masters will soon use and throw them like a tissue paper, Gul warned.

He said that the people of Jammu Kashmir are watching their behaviour and that they will never forgive them for their crimes against humanity in general and against the sacred cause of the freedom movement of Jammu Kashmir in particular.

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