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JSW athlete Jurel showcases shades of Dhoni

DHARAMSHALA: Indian Premier League (IPL) matches have become well known for entertaining and thrilling finishes. The clash between Punjab Kings XI and Rajasthan Royals in Dharamshala witnessed a thrilling end to the game also as the prodigious batter Dhruv Jurel hit a phenomenal six on the fourth ball of the 19th over to make sure Rajasthan come away with victory in the high-scoring IPL match.

Jurel’s match-winning six was reminiscent of Mahender Singh Dhoni’s tremendous six against Punjab Kings XI at the same venue back in 2010, when the former India captain’s hit helped Chennai Super Kings emerge victorious in a high-scoring tie.

Jurel, who has been a JSW athlete since 2022, spoke about what was going through his mind during the last few overs and balls of the game. He said, “I was just concentrating on securing the victory for the team in the final overs. I wanted to be on strike in the 19th over because I was confident in my ability to finish the game. In the last few balls, I was visualising myself hitting a six and finishing the game which helped me execute that shot in the moment and secure the victory for my team.”

A wicketkeeper batter much like Dhoni, Jurel hit the six with a Reebok bat exactly like Dhoni back in 2010. The Agra-born Rajasthan Royals player concluded by saying, “Dhoni in my opinion is the greatest finisher the game of cricket has ever seen, he is a constant source of inspiration for me. Much like me he is a wicketkeeper-batter and to be compared to such a legend of the game fills me with pride. I was also elated about the fact that I was able to replicate him in that moment and finish the game in style with a six.”

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