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Justice Mansoor Ali Shah Embarks on U.S. Study Tour, Engaging with Leading Academic Institutions

Participation in Yale Seminar, Harvard Teaching, and Collaboration with Legal Academia

Islamabad – Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah, a distinguished member of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, is currently undertaking a study tour in the United States, offering his legal insights and expertise to prominent academic institutions. His visit will span until October 1, 2023, encompassing a series of prestigious engagements.

One of the highlights of Justice Shah’s itinerary is his participation in the four-day Global Constitutionalism Seminar 2023, hosted at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. He has been selected as a discussion leader for one of the sessions that will delve into the critical theme of “equality and rights.”

During his visit to the United States, Justice Shah will also deliver a lecture at the Pardee School of Boston University on September 25. His lecture will center on Pakistan’s evolving jurisprudence and the promising trajectory of future legal reforms.

In a significant collaboration with Harvard Law School, Justice Shah will co-teach a course on comparative constitutionalism and sharia law. This endeavor will see him working alongside Professor Intisar Rabb, a distinguished faculty member at Harvard Law School, offering students a unique perspective on legal systems.

Furthermore, Justice Shah will actively participate in a workshop aimed at advancing a collaborative initiative between Harvard Law School and the Supreme Court of Pakistan. This initiative, known as the Pakistan Courts Project, focuses on the development of a cutting-edge research portal for Pakistan cases. Such endeavors seek to strengthen the academic and legal exchange between the United States and Pakistan.

Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah is set to return to Pakistan on October 1, 2023, enriched by the academic experiences and collaborative opportunities that this U.S. study tour has to offer. His engagements underscore the significance of international cooperation in advancing legal scholarship and jurisprudential understanding.

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