#Justice for Rehan: Mahira, Armeena Khan condemn inhumane lynching of minor boy in Karachi

KARACHI: The brutal lynching of a teenage boy in the city’s Bahadurabad area has caused many eminent personalities to raise their voice against the matter that has come as a severe blow to humanity.

Amongst noted celebrities expressing their horror over the condemnable incident, renowned actress Armeena Khan has also come forth speaking on the matter.

Turning to Twitter to Armeena wrote: “To the poor teen from baharaduabad who was killed mercilessly on a mere suspicion of burglary (just a suspicion). They tortured him for two hours and did not stop even though there was a call to prayer (azaan) in the background. #RIP kid, your crime is that you were born poor [sic].”

Mahira Khan also sought justice for Rehan where she expressed disgust at the barbaric and appalling incident.

“Oh my God my heart. How could they do that?? How could they kill a boy? Torture him? How did not a single person stop it!!!! We have become so bloody desensitized we freaking record videos calmly while someone is beaten to death!!! #JusticeForRehan,” wrote the ‘Raees’ starlet in her tweet.

On Saturday, 17-year-old Rehan was killed after being tortured over accusations of stealing from a bungalow near Kokan Ground in Bahadurabad.

According to police, two alleged robbers entered the bungalow, where one of them was caught by the security guard, while the other managed to flee from the scene.

Identified as Rehan later, the boy was then tied by his hands to a metallic grill and beat to death by area residents.

A video doing rounds on the internet showed Rehan unable to move, with his pants forcefully taken off, as the owners and others questioned him.

Rehan’s father told media outlets that his son worked as a butcher during Eid-ul-Azha and that he had told him he was going to collect money for his work but did not return home.

Police have arrested the owner of the bungalow, Daniyal, and his friend, Zubair, in connection with the murder. They added that they were carrying further investigations to further probe the incident.

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