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Pak Eng Series; traffic plan prepared for Rawalpindi

432 traffic police officers will perform special duties.

Rawalpindi: A traffic plan has been prepared for the first match of the Pakistan England Test series scheduled in Rawalpindi.

According to Leading News, City Traffic Police Rawalpindi Taimur Khan said that during the cricket matches, 432 traffic police officers will perform special duties while the traffic from Stadium Road 9 Avenue Chowk to Double Road will be completely closed on both sides.

Traffic coming from Islamabad will be able to use Expressway and Murree Road from Faizabad while traffic coming from 9 Avenue will be able to enter Rawalpindi via IJP Road, Pandora Chongi, Katarian, Carriage Factory, Pirudhai Mor, Chak Madad.

Traffic going from Rawalpindi to 9 Avenue Islamabad will be able to enter Faizabad Islamabad while the Murree Road will be completely closed from Faizabad to Double Road during the departure and return of cricket teams, which will be closed during the movement from Islamabad. The incoming traffic will be diverted from Faizabad towards the expressway.

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The Traffic Police says that the traffic going from Rawalpindi to Islamabad will be diverted from 6 Road to Syedpur Road, similarly the traffic coming from Ghousia Chowk will be diverted via Farooq Azam Road, Curry Road.

It is further mentioned in the plan that for the convenience of the citizens, awareness banners regarding alternative routes will be displayed at all times during the matches, additional personnel have been deployed to keep the traffic flowing on the alternative routes.

Through the official social media pages of the traffic police and radio station 88.6, the citizens will be informed about the traffic situation moment by moment.

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