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Pakistan paid off $1 billion worth of sukuk bonds

Islamabad: Pakistan paid off 1 billion dollars worth of  Sukuk Bonds.

According to reports received by Leading News from the Ministry of Finance, Pakistan has paid the Sukuk bonds three days ahead of schedule as the last date for payment was December 5.

The spokesperson of the State Bank of Pakistan confirmed the payment of Sukuk bonds and said that the State Bank of Pakistan has paid Citibank, the lead manager of Sukuk bonds, and now Citibank should make payments to individual investors. will He said that Pakistan has fulfilled its responsibility before the stipulated period.

Finance Ministry sources said that the government has arranged to finance all payments not only for this year but also for the next year, which is why Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was repeatedly warning those spreading rumors of default. That the economy should not be damaged by spreading such rumors because Pakistan has never defaulted before and will not default now.

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Sources said that Pakistan has always made all payments responsibly and as a responsible country, the Sukuk bonds have still been repaid on time. Sources in the Ministry of Finance say that Pakistan has already paid the Sukuk bond three rupees ahead of schedule.

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