Became PM by taking U-turn: Imran

SWABI: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said he became the prime minister by taking a U-turn. Speaking at the inauguration of a new academic block at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) of Engineering Science and Technology in Topi, Imran Khan said his opponents often accused him of taking U-turns from a particular stance.

“I make compromises for achieving my goals, rather than compromising on my goals,” he said. He categorically rejected chance of reconciliation with the jailed looters of the country’s wealth. “The opponents are raising hue and cry so that I give them NRO. This is simply out of question,” he said. Imran Khan said Pakistan had no dearth of resources and capable human resource.

He stressed that strengthening of institutions and focusing on education, was vital for the country’s progress. He said the government had placed education among its top priorities with no compromise on its quality and standard.

Addressing the under-graduate students, the prime minister advised them to always follow the mindset that led to positivity and towards achievement of their goals, rather than getting demoralised by challenges in life.

“Expect challenges surfacing in your life, but never let your inner-fear overcome you and distract you from your dreams,” he said, while giving the students tips of a successful life. He said role models were important to set a direction in one’s life and urged upon the students to follow Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) as their inspiration, who established the world’s first-ever modern state, based on a just society that also provided unprecedented rights to women and banished slavery.

The prime minister proposed the GIK for establishing an academic chair on the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for an in-depth research about his vision and qualities that laid the foundation of a great civilisation.

He said the Prophet’s (PBUH) victory against infidels in the Battle of Badar in AD 625 with only 313 men, and defeating the Roman and Persian Empires in AD 636 and AD 638 respectively, were the topics that needed to be thoroughly studied.

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