Lahore – Special Report: A groundbreaking Project about Tipu Sultan is being launched on his 221st Death Anniversary on 4th May. The Muslim Commander from the 18th century is a legendary figure. The Project will include a high quality TV series of international standards, a film, literature and other ongoing projects to highlight the heroes and history of Muslims and Pakistan. The Project comes at a time when there is a dire need for revisiting our history and contributions so that our future generations are well aware of them. The rousing success of similar international projects confirms the unique convergence of national pride and interesting content. Expressing his views, the Founder of the Project, Haider Ali Daud Khan said, “The project aims to bring hope for the future.
The project will show the glorious history of the East that is never depicted in Western media. These are heroes and stories that will inspire our next generations. We are thrilled to bring this project of national importance”. The advent of digital advancements, content creation and aggregation platforms have redefined the way we understand television. TV series with gripping content of historical relevance have generated unprecedented media ratings globally. The Project has developed a high quality TV series on Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan.
The father son duo stood against the tyranny of the imperial colonizers and in the process instilled the true meaning of independence. The big screen (films) has always had its own charm. Biopic based on history continue to enchant viewers and critics alike. The Project is focused on creating a silver screen experience which has not been seen in Pakistan yet, one that will captivate audiences for times to come. An appealing series of literature for children and youth based on heroes of Muslims and Pakistan will also be part of the Project.

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