Islamabad Police groping in the dark


Islamabad: This is alarming that the Islamabad Police is fumbling in its investigations specifically in kidnapping, rape and murder cases, which have started occurring with frequency.

Over the last three months at least 12 rape and murder cases have occurred in different parts of the federal capital, leading to public outrage and yet the Islamabad Police is not been able to make any headway in their investigations to reach and arrest the culprits.

Ironically, one of the gangs of blackmailers active in federal capital, is being run under the supervision of a police official. The cop was arrested red handed when he was trapping a 14-year-old boy after making his nude film.

It has always been pointed out and repeatedly stressed that there is a dire need to equip Islamabad Police with modern arms and gadgets to make it an effective crime fighting force.

But there is even greater need to improve their investigation skills. The Islamabad Police as well as the police department all over Pakistan, is still following over a century old ‘investigation techniques’, which are based on using third degree, harassing the relatives of suspects, which are still believed by many police officials to be a legal and justified techniques used in investigations.

It is believed by some retired top police officers that while the Islamabad Police is always being referred to as ‘Model Police Force’ of the country, we should also start taking practical steps and initiatives to create a special ‘Investigations Wing’ in Islamabad Police to start as it has been practiced previously other than the Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA).

“The officers and officials in this ‘Investigation Wing’ should be exclusively trained in forensic science to find and collect crucial evidence from the crime scenes. This Wing should be equipped with latest machines and labs to carry out tests on scientific basis on fast track to get results instead of sending the samples to Lahore or any other part of the country for forensic tests,” the retired senior police officer said.

It is observed that a junior police official or officer, mostly of the rank of an Assistant Sub-Inspector or a Sub-Inspector of Police is appointed as the ‘Investigation Officer’ in most of the cases and is given assistance of a constable or two to help him.

A distressing history of minors sexually abused in federal capital during the last three months is on record of various police stations of Islamabad. According to the report, at least 12 minors and underage children have been kidnapped or trapped and raped. Two among the victims were killed after the rape.

First shocking incident was reported on 15th May 2019 when a 10-year-old girl was kidnapped from the Alipur falling in the jurisdiction of Shahzad Town Police Station, raped and killed in village Jagot and threw in vegetation growth, some 15 kilometre away from her home. But the Shahzad Town police refused to take up the case, however, the case was registered on 19th May and found her dead body on 20th of May.

The police claimed that the alleged rapist of the 10-year-old girl was detected by using Geo Fencing technology and arrested but on the other hand, the police announced one million rupees as reward money for the person who will provide information about the rapist.

Another 4-year-old girl was raped and thrown in vegetation growth at Amanullah Road, Hafizabad, Bhara Kahu. The minor girl playing in front of her house, was kidnapped and raped in the vegetation growth about two hundred yards away from her home and left for death in the bushes.

The victim was shifted to PIMS in critical condition where hopes of her survival were very trifling. The minor victim remained under treatment of a team of expert physicians and surgeons for over ten days who finally succeeded to save her life.

Almost over seven weeks have gone but the Bhara Kahu Police have no clue to findingthe rapist. The police authorities, after failing to get any clue about the rapist, have shifted the case to CIA.

In another report, the Tarnol Police found body of about 9-year-old boy on 24th May, lying in an isolated area of Tarnol. The police sources, quoting medical belief, claimed that the victim was raped before being killed.

In a shivering incident, a step father raped his 6-year-old step daughter in Aabpara area on 5th July. The police have registered the case on the complaint of victim’s mother and arrested him.

A horrible incident was reported in Tarnol Police Station when a gang of three people trapped three young boys of the ages of 6, 9 and 12 years and gang raped them on gun point in Sara-e-Kharbooza. The culprits managed to escape while the police were trying to arrest them.

In Loi Bheer area, an attempt to molest a 10-year-old boy was made by a hotel owner on 31st July. The police have registered the case and arrested the accused.

In another report, a person kidnapped a 3-year-old baby girl from Sitara Market at 11.30 pm on 25th July. The police said that her father came to market for shopping and went to a shop leaving her daughter in his car. After a little time, he came back and found her daughter missing. The people who witnessed the kidnapping scene, told him that they saw a man with a little girl but the captor disappeared from the scene. However, he called the police and got him near Salahi Centre. The captor was identified as Javaid Masih.

A 5-year-old girl was raped on 9th July in the jurisdiction of Bhara Kahu Police Station. The police have registered FIR (288 dated 8/7/19).

Another 4-year-old boy was sexually abused in Tarlai falling in the jurisdiction of Koral Police Station on 20th August.

The police have lodged first information report (FIR) and arrested 15-year-old alleged rapist and initiated investigation. The little victim was shifted to PIMS hospital in critical condition.

The Aabpara Police have arrested gangsters led by a police constable, on 25th August, involved in blackmailing a teenager after making his nude videos and recovered weapon and nude films from their custody. They stripped him and made his nude video and asked for sexual activity. The gangsters threatened that they would put his video on social media.

The people engaged in the investigation of the case, disclosed that at least seven porno pictures and videos have been recovered from the police official involved in blackmailing underage boys after making their nude videos of different minors and teenagers. They said that the cop culprits were habitual of such crime of child abuse.

The scared people of Islamabad, expressing their anger over the deteriorating situation of peace and protection, uttered, “People are not secure, yet, in their house with their siblings.” The minors, even, playing in front of their houses, are lifted from the streets, molested and thrown out, causing insecurity among the populace.

“It is beyond belief, how we are living in a society having barbaric approach against minors. In these circumstances, how we can protect our kids,” parents of minor victims when asked, said.

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