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PMLN rejects the decision to restore Elahi as CM

Leaders of N-League asks Supreme Court to take notice over LHC decision.

Lahore: Muslim League (N) has rejected the decision of the Lahore High Court regarding the rehabilitation of Parvez Elahi. And demanding a suo-moto notice from the Supreme Court, it has said that the Punjab government should be limited only to the powers of carrying out day-to-day affairs.

Khawaja Saad Rafiq along with Pakistan Muslim League-N senior leader Rana Sanaullah, Ataullah Tarar, Muslim League-Q leader Tariq Bashir Cheema while holding a press conference at the party secretariat Model Town said that Lahore High Court’s decision to reinstate Pervez Elahi yesterday. It does not meet the requirements of justice, there are flaws in it, the court gave a sweet option to Parvez Elahi to vote if he wants.

Federal Minister Sadarfique said that it is likely that we will challenge this decision in the legal forum, no institution can deviate from the constitution, and the court has given 18 days in which there is a fear of horse-trading.

Saad Rafiq said that Pervez Elahi will have to take the vote of confidence, whether he takes it today or after a few days, if he does not take the vote of confidence, it will mean that the present Punjab government does not have the majority of the House. They will not allow hiding behind the stay order, it is sad to say that on the will of Parvez Elahi, there was room left for him to take a vote of confidence if he wanted.

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He said that the present Punjab government is not an elected government but only based on stay order.

Federal Minister Saad Rafiq said that assemblies are not child’s play, they are built when they want and they are broken when they want, the danger of disintegration of the Punjab Assembly is over. Imran Khan’s anger was blown, he did not dissolve the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly even though he could have.

Rana Sanaullah said that the assemblies are constitutional institutions, they should not be joked with, if the assemblies are being broken due to someone’s stubbornness and ego, then it is the duty of the governor to at least ask for a vote of confidence, the court granted interim relief. gave complete relief in the form of, it never happens that they give final relief in interim relief, their only demand was that we should be restored and the court restored it, the decision will create legal, constitutional and economic complications. Due to which Punjab will be severely affected, the Supreme Court is requested to review this decision and take suo moto notice.

The interior minister said that one day in 18 days will be heavy on the treasury of Punjab, the market of corruption will be hot, and there is a fear of horse trading. The court should have allowed only day-to-day matters under Article 133 in interim relief.

He said that our demand is that the Supreme Court should intervene and save Punjab from destruction by taking notice of itself, limit the authority of the Punjab government only to the execution of day-to-day affairs, and give them full powers on the stay order. It is equivalent to cruelty to people.

Rana Sana said that they do not have enough numbers, and they will not be able to take the vote of confidence. Take this vote of confidence before breaking up.

He further said that PDM’s decision to come to the government was for the betterment of the country, we are trying to restore the economy. But Imran Khan is breaking it day by day, this court decision is confirming this.

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