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Premier of New Zealand resigned due to crisis, Ahsan Iqbal

Karachi: Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal has said that the whole world is suffering from an economic crisis due to which the Prime Minister of New Zealand resigned, we will pull Pakistan out of this crisis together.

Speaking to the media after inaugurating the science and technology building of Mehran University in Kotri, Ahsan Iqbal said that Nawaz Sharif is coming back after which Pakistan will progress and together we will get the country out of its problems. The projects that the government started in 2013 for the engineering universities of Pakistan are reaching completion today. In today’s era, not only electricity and energy but also internet has become an important need.

He said that the program to upgrade the universities across the country has started, I have told the vice-chancellors that when our neighboring country’s institution IIT can become a brand, why not ours? Be recognized, the biggest strength of Pakistan is our youth who can make new history.

Ahsan Iqbal said that we have restarted the laptop scheme with ten billion rupees, under which one lakh laptops will be distributed among students across the country, in the past when we gave laptops to lakhs of youth. So by giving away one million plus laptops, they made Pakistan into the list of freelancing countries.

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The federal minister said that when a boat is surrounded by a storm, it reaches the shore only if everyone on board does their part, but if everyone in the boat surrounded by a storm harms each other, then the boat will be destroyed. If it sinks, we can save Pakistan from its problems by becoming a country.

He said that Pakistan needs unity and not polarization. The young man who shot me was a bullet of hatred filling his mind.

Ahsan Iqbal said that Pakistan is going through an extraordinary situation, the regime was changed under a conspiracy, the government that came has changed the finance minister four times, when a virus enters the computer, it corrupts it. In exactly the same way, the virus also entered our system, when the virus of hatred is filled in humans, it becomes useless.

He said that we are all Pakistanis and we believe in democracy, democracy is listening to each other, we said that when you give a ride to a clumsy person, he will not take you to the destination. Trying to restore the country’s economy, it is important to have political stability.

The Federal Minister for Planning said that as soon as we started working for the CPEC project, Imran Khan announced sit-ins, then there was such a huge disaster, the heart of the world was melted by the flood, but Imran Khan continued to allow sit-ins, Geneva. In 2008, international countries announced ten billion dollars in aid to Pakistan, then when Imran Khan saw that the economy was starting to recover, he dissolved the Punjab and KP assembly.

He said that a person is taking revenge for his failures from Pakistan, Imran Khan’s stubbornness and ego is bigger than the country? If someone thinks that I am the truth and all others are thieves and robbers, then there is no room left. If we understand everyone’s opinion, we can take the country forward. Pakistan needs engineers who can lead it on the path of development.

The federal minister said that we have not developed the ability to earn dollars, if we want to move forward, we have to promote our exports like Japan, Malaysia and other countries. The election commission has to decide, if the election is held, we will take full part in it. This constitutional question will have to be looked at by the election commission. Does Pakistan have enough space to put it in a state of uncertainty?

He said that the whole world is in a crisis for which the Prime Minister of New Zealand resigned, the entire global economy is in the worst crisis, the consequences of which are also affecting Pakistan, but we are a country following the path of economic reforms. I will bring stability and then hold the next election.

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