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Prepration for New Party in Punjab to break PTI

Lahore: Influential political figures have mobilized to break the strength of PTI in Punjab and preparations for the formation of a new party under the leadership of former PTI leaders are going on fast.

In this regard, the sources said that a series of contacts and meetings have started for the formation of the new party, while prominent families of Central and South Punjab will be part of the new party.

Sources said that MLAs and former MLAs belonging to PTI and Muslim League (N) will also join before the general elections, PTI rebel members Jahangir Tareen, Abdul Aleem Khan and people of Chaudhry Sarwar group. Key positions will be given in the new party.

Sources said that the new party will be led by a former important figure of PTI Punjab. Will take part in the elections under the adjustment.

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Sources said that the new party will field its candidates in the strong constituencies of PTI in Punjab, the central and southern Punjab new party of the People’s Party and the PML-N will be targeted to get 40 to 45 seats in the Punjab Assembly.

The sources said that at least 15 to 20 seats of the National Assembly should be won, in case of victory of the new party, there is a strong possibility that the next Chief Minister of Punjab will be from the same party.

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