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Rare fancy diamond showcased in Dubai by AV Globale

First ever 1.01ct exceptionally rare fancy red round brilliant diamond showcased in Dubai by AV Globale

This October AV Globale held an event at the Dubai Diamond Exchange showcasing “The Scarlet Chakra” an exceptionally rare 1.01 ct fancy red round brilliant diamond, which is one of a highly coveted but rarely occurring, group of gems. For the first time, a fancy red round diamond has been displayed in Dubai with a prodigious response from industry enthusiasts, DDE members, and other invitees.

The scarlet Chakra diamond is cut as a round brilliant, which makes it an unusual choice for a fancy-color diamond. Red diamonds enjoy prestige, unlike any other fancy-color diamonds.

Ashish Vijay, Founder, and Chairman of AV Globale said: “Red Diamonds are among the most extraordinary objects on earth, representing a tiny fraction of the world’s annual diamond demand. The Scarlet Chakra further reduces this fraction because of its round shape and cutting style. The significance goes both ways, one for the gemstone’s uniqueness and the other towards the craftsmanship for the work to achieve perfection the diamond has to offer in its natural state. The straight fancy red with no overtones of any other color makes it overwhelmingly rare among all the red diamonds.

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The origin of the scarlet chakra is as mysterious as nature’s process of the creation of these fascinating diamonds, which are formed due to the misalignments of atoms or dislocation forms of beautiful red hues. The GIA has given an “A” symbol to the Scarlet Chakra, which signifies it is theoretically from the family of the Argyle diamonds.

The scarlet chakra is a part of AV Globale’s ‘Collectors Chest’ auction of high-grade fancy-colored diamonds from private collectors. The owner of the stone has inherited it from his ancestors and a treasure as rare as this scarlet chakra cannot be estimated in a certain value. AV Globale as a transparent platform will let the market decide when the Scarlet Chakra will go into online bidding in our December auction.

AV Globale is a business unit of a group of companies specifically dealing in auctions & tenders of Rough, Polished Diamonds, high-grade Jewellery, and Gemstones. AV has a legacy of over seventy years in manufacturing and retailing high-end gems and jewellery. So, we have been here for a while in the business especially in Dubai as our base of operations and we are grateful to DDE for giving us a platform that connects us to the global market for a promising and prosperous future ahead.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, of DMCC, said: “We are proud to host AV Globale and showcase an exceptional and rare diamond such as the Scarlet Chakra in our Dubai Diamond Exchange. DMCC is committed to enhancing the global diamond industry, which contributed to the UAE ranking as the world’s largest rough diamond trade hub last year. Our diamond growth has continued to grow exponentially in 2022 with record-breaking diamond trade figures in the first half of the year, and it is events such as these that showcase the wonderful quality and diversity of gemstones that continue to secure Dubai’s reputation as the number one diamond hub in the world.”

The Scarlet Chakra will be offered for viewing from November in Dubai, Israel, USA, and Japan before going into online auction in December.

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