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Swati moved from Balochistan to Sindh after release

PTI leader Senator Azam Swati was released by the Balochistan Police after which he was taken into custody by the Sindh Police.

According to Leading News, Azam Swati’s lawyer Iqbal Shah Advocate confirmed the custody of Azam Swati by Sindh Police and said that he has been transferred to Sindh by a special plane.

It should be noted that the Balochistan High Court had dismissed all the cases registered against Azam Swati and ordered his release.
A hearing was held in front of Balochistan High Court Chief Justice Hashim Kakar regarding the cases filed against Azam Swati. Azam Swati’s son had filed a petition against the cases registered against him.

After the hearing, the Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court, while accepting the petition, ordered to release all the cases filed against Tehreek-e-Insaf Senator Azam Khan Swati across Balochistan.

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It should be remembered that five cases were registered against Azam Swati in the Balochistan government for his controversial tweets, while the cases registered in the rest of the provinces are separate.

Azam Swati’s son lawyer Naseebullah Tareen spoke to BBC in which he said that the High Court has declared that the five FIRs registered against Azam Swati have no law.

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