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Usman Dar Alleges Party Leadership Orchestrated May 9 Incidents

Islamabad- Usman Dar, a well-known member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, has made startling allegations concerning the events leading to the May 9 incidents. In an exclusive interview with Dunya News, Dar claimed that the planning for the May 9 events was orchestrated at the Zaman Park residence of the PTI chairman.

According to Dar, the PTI chairman himself issued directives to target sensitive installations during the May 9 incidents. He further alleged that several PTI members, including Hamad Azhar, Murad Saeed, Azam Swati, and Farrukh Habib, were known to be anti-military and had close ties to the PTI chairman, who directed the party’s policy of confronting the military.

Dar revealed that a decision was made that sensitive installations would be targeted in the event of the PTI chairman’s arrest. He claimed that the PTI’s long march in October 2022 was aimed at preventing the appointment of Gen Asim Munir as the army chief and putting pressure on the military to remove him.

In a shocking revelation, Dar stated that the PTI chairman used a human shield to evade arrest during the May 9 incidents. He alleged that the former prime minister conducted brainwashing sessions with party workers for this purpose, and the incidents that unfolded at the Judicial Complex Islamabad and Zaman Park were a result of this manipulation. Dar also announced his decision to quit the PTI.

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While addressing the May 9th incident, Dar emphasized that mere condemnation was insufficient. He asserted that May 9 was a dark stain on the nation’s history that would take years to fade away.

Responding to questions about his own involvement in the May 9 events, Dar denied any connection but expressed his willingness to appear in court if summoned to testify.

Dar expressed deep disappointment with the current state of the PTI and attributed the party’s decline to its chairman. He suggested that had the PTI not experienced internal divisions, the May 9 incidents might have been avoided, and those responsible should be held accountable.

As a member of a political family, Dar mentioned that he joined the PTI after being influenced by the party chairman. He also highlighted his efforts in launching youth programs and pursuing developmental projects in Sialkot.

In a surprising turn of events, Usman Dar announced his departure from both politics and the PTI, stating that he would not join any other political party. He urged all major political parties to come together and work for the betterment of Pakistan, emphasizing the importance of unity for the nation’s future. Dar concluded, “We will exist if Pakistan exists.”

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