Trump renews vow to mediate between Pakistan and India on Kashmir

Washington: US President Donald Trump has renewed his vow to help Pakistan and India resolve Kashmir issue if both the countries wanted him to, days after he made the offer in a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

When a reporter sought his comment on India’s refusal to accept his offer, he said “Well, that’s up to-really up to Prime Minister Modi”.

Referring to his recent meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan , the US president said “I met with Prime Minister Khan; I got along great with — I think they’re a fantastic people, Khan and Modi. I mean, I would imagine they can get along very well’.

Asked how does he want to resolve he Kashmir issue, Trump said “If I can — if they wanted me to, I would certainly intervene”.

During his meeting with Imran Khan on July 22, the Trump offered to mediate the decades-long Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India, a move that signaled a shift in long-standing US policy that the issue must be solved bilaterally.

“If I can help, I would love to be a mediator,” Trump said at the White House, where he was hosting Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. “If I can do anything to help, let me know.”

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