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100 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency stolen

System is being temporarily frozen due to some problems, user funds are safe: Chang

Once again fraudsters have managed to steal cryptocurrency, this time $100 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen.

The largest cryptocurrency firm, Binance, has claimed that an ‘exploit’ in the system caused excess production of the exchange’s specific currency, a loss estimated at around $100 million.

The firm’s head, Chang Peng Zhao, said that the system is being temporarily frozen due to some problems. But user funds are safe, will provide more updates to users.

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Some foreign agencies are claiming through their sources that the damage estimate is not 100 million dollars but it is equal to 570 US dollars.

Chang Peng Zhao added in his tweet that the heist involved “an exploit on a cross-chain bridge BSC token hub.”

It should be noted that this is one of the biggest heists in the history of cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, more than $500 million was stolen from the Exy Infinity blockchain game.

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