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500 units power consumers to get govt-sponsored solar panels

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s government has approved the “Roshan Gharana” program. This initiative, announced during a provincial cabinet meeting chaired by CM Maryam in Lahore, aims to provide affordable electricity through solar panels to millions of households consuming between 50 to 500 units of electricity.

Under the program, the provincial government will subsidize 90% of the cost of solar panels, with consumers required to cover the remaining 10% through manageable installments over five years. The initiative seeks to promote sustainable energy solutions and reduce dependency on conventional power sources.

“The ‘Roshan Gharana’ program is a step towards ensuring energy security and combating the challenges of rising electricity costs,” CM Maryam stated during the cabinet meeting. “Our priority will be to initially provide solar panels to the most disadvantaged households, bringing them into the fold of sustainable energy usage.”

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The program is slated to be implemented transparently, with careful consideration given to the energy needs of each household. CM Maryam emphasized the transformative impact this initiative could have on improving the quality of life for citizens.

“We are committed to supporting our people during challenging times and shielding them from the impacts of previous economic challenges,” CM Maryam affirmed. “This initiative will bring relief to households, reducing their energy bills and promoting environmentally friendly practices.”

A cabinet meeting scheduled for tomorrow will finalize the operational details of the ‘Roshan Gharana’ program, signaling the government’s commitment to addressing energy crises through innovative and accessible solutions.

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