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700 Scholarships: Saudi Arabia Opens Doors for Pakistani Students

In a significant move aimed at enhancing bilateral relations and fostering educational collaboration, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the extension of its scholarship program, offering a total of 700 scholarships to Pakistani students aspiring to pursue higher education in a variety of fields across Saudi educational institutions. This increase comes after an initial offering of 600 scholarships, as detailed in a statement released on Friday.

Pakistani students eager to seize this educational opportunity can now apply through the ‘Study in Saudi’ electronic portal. This platform serves as a comprehensive gateway, streamlining the application process for international students interested in studying in the Kingdom. The portal presents three options for prospective students: self-financed, partial scholarship, and full scholarship. Students are eligible to apply for degrees in almost all disciplines, excluding medical science.

Detailed information can be found on the website of Pakistan’s Mission in Riyadh in both Urdu and English languages ( Additionally, the ‘Study in Saudi’ portal can be accessed through a link provided on the Mission’s website (

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This initiative not only expands educational opportunities for Pakistani students but also strengthens the bonds of friendship between the two nations. The increased scholarship offerings underscore Saudi Arabia’s commitment to supporting the academic aspirations of Pakistani youth. Prospective students are encouraged to explore the available options and apply for these scholarships to further their educational pursuits in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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