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A guide to taking the free shuttle buses between Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports

Etihad and Emirates offer coach service to anyone who books flights with them

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People living in Abu Dhabi who book flights with Emirates can take a free bus ride to Dubai International Airport.

The same service is provided by Etihad Airways to its passengers coming from Dubai.

Here, The National takes a look at how you can travel to and from the airports in the two cities, free of cost, as the summer holiday season begins.

Travelling with Etihad

The Etihad shuttle bus that runs between Abu Dhabi Airport and Dubai. Photo: Etihad

People who want to travel to Abu Dhabi International Airport from Dubai can travel for nothing with a coach run by Etihad.

The buses run from the parking area behind New Safestway Supermarket on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, near Al Wasl Centre, and brings travellers directly to the airport in Abu Dhabi.

The service was moved from Al Mazaya Centre this year. The buses take 75 minutes to complete the one-way trip and all passengers should have a valid ticket.

Coaches depart from Dubai at 02.05, 04.10, 06.05, 09.35, 11.30, 16.15, 17.20, 19.05, 20.55 and 22.30, the schedule on Etihad’s website says.

The Etihad coach from Abu Dhabi Airport to Dubai leaves at 00.15, 01.25, 03.05, 07.05, 08.20, 10.50, 14.25, 20.25, 21.25 and 22.10.

Travellers hoping to take the Etihad coach are advised to book their seats at least 24 hours in advance.

Travelling with Emirates

Anyone planning to travel by Emirates coach between Abu Dhabi and Dubai must book at least 48 hours in advance, the airline’s website says.

Passengers must also hold a valid flight ticket with Emirates to board the bus.

The coach picks up passengers at the front of the Emirates office on Corniche Road in Abu Dhabi at 03.00, 09.45, 16.30 and 22.00.

The bus drops passengers at Terminal 3 arrivals at Dubai International Airport.

The trips from Dubai to Abu Dhabi leave at the same spot at 03.00, 10.00, 15.00 and 23.00.

The Emirates’ website advises that the minimum connection time is two hours for inbound and outbound passengers.

Abu Dhabi International Airport – in pictures

Abu Dhabi International Airport expects to see a rise in the number of passengers passing through its airport this summer as the peak season
starts Tuesday. Courtesy Abu Dhabi Airports
Terminal 3 at Abu Dhabi International Airport.
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