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AIM Global Foundation wraps up engaging participation in Kazan Forum

KAZAN: AIM Global Foundation, a leading private organisation dedicated to promote economic development and international cooperation, concluded its participation in the 15th International Economic Forum – Kazan Forum, held over six days at the Kazan Expo International Exhibition Center.

The forum served as a pivotal platform for experts and stakeholders from around the world to engage and explore avenues for enhancing economic and social relations.

The XV International Economic Forum ‘Russia – Islamic World: Kazan Forum’ provided a unique platform for nations to strengthen ties and explore joint initiatives in various spheres including economic, educational, social, and cultural realms. With over 80 nations participating, including representatives from prominent OIC member states, the forum served as a catalyst for international cooperation and collaboration.

The forum’s comprehensive agenda also featured cultural events, fashion shows, competitions, and an international property market fair, further enriching the experience for participants and attendees.

Mr Dawood Al Shezawi, President of AIM Global Foundation and AIM Congress, participated as one of the keynote speakers at the forum. He delivered a presentation highlighting the features of the economic environment in the United Arab Emirates, which boasts a stable investment climate capable of sustaining economic growth. He emphasised strong economic attributes such as strategic location, robust financial reserves, sovereign wealth funds, continuous government spending on infrastructure, and increasing foreign direct investment into the UAE. This participation underscores the AIM Global Foundation’s commitment to facilitating dialogue and cooperation in the field of international investment.

He also highlighted the UAE’s prominent global rankings, including maintaining scores of 100 percent in all Getting Electricity indicators in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 report. Additionally, the UAE secured 16th position globally in Doing Business report.

Dawood Al Shezawi said: “As global economies become increasingly interconnected, events like the Kazan Forum serve as vital platforms for fostering dialogue, collaboration, and mutual understanding. Through meaningful exchanges and partnerships forged at forums of this nature, we have the opportunity to unlock new avenues of growth, drive innovation, and create lasting impact on a global scale. It is through such initiatives that we can harness the collective power of nations to address shared challenges and seize opportunities for a more prosperous future.”

In addition to its prominent presence in the session, AIM Global Foundation made substantial strides by signing five Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) during the forum. These agreements were signed with the ANO Investment Development Agency of the Chuvash Republic, the Pskov Region Investment Development Fund, the Foundation ‘Investment Agency of the Tyumen Region’, the State Public Institution of the Voronezh Region ‘Agency for Investment Promotion and Regional Development’, and the Union ‘Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Bashkortostan’. These agreements further solidify the Foundation’s dedication to fostering partnerships and promoting economic development on a global scale.

Looking ahead, AIM Global Foundation’s key initiative, AIM Congress, remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting investment opportunities across the globe. With a dedicated investment track, AIM Congress continues to play a pivotal role in facilitating dialogue, fostering partnerships, and driving economic growth on a global scale.

The 2024 AIM Congress, held in Abu Dhabi from May 7-9, achieved remarkable success this year with 12,427 attendees, 43 MoUs signed, and 8,130 B2B meetings held, serving as a dynamic platform for global cooperation. Representing 179 countries among attendees and 71 among exhibitors, AIM Congress fostered international collaboration. With 138 high-level dignitaries, 412 sessions, including 3 high-level roundtables, and 29 side events with international partners, it provided unparalleled opportunities for dialogue and knowledge exchange, solidifying its role in advancing sustainable development globally.

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