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Army Chief Bajwa was offered ‘indefinite extension’ in March, DG ISI

Arshad Sharif was in touch with the establishment and me. Nadeem

Rawalpindi: DG ISI has said that the army chief was offered a life extension. If your army chief is a traitor, so why do you meet him secretly even today?

While holding a press conference with DG ISPR Lt Gen Babar Iftikhar, DGISI Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum said that you call someone Mir Jafar Mir Sadiq when there is no evidence. A 100% false narrative was created. Mir Jafar, Mir Sadiq, were called traitors, neutrals, animals. All these allegations are because the army chief and the institution denied doing unconstitutional things.

He said that lies should be told so fluently that it is not right to remain silent if there is a risk of mischief. I have many trusts in my chest that I should keep in my chest and go to the grave. I cannot remain silent when my institution is criticized. In March, the army chief was offered an indefinite extension, which General Bajwa turned down, DG ISI said.

DG ISI further said that it was decided to remove the institution from the controversial role and bring it on the constitutional path. Last year the establishment decided that we have to keep ourselves within constitutional limits. There was a lot of pressure on us in March last year and this year. It came to the conclusion that the interest of the organization is to get out of politics.

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Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum further said that your army chief is a traitor, so why were bridges of praise built in the recent past? You are making an offer to your army chief to hold your position for life. The offer was made to the army chief when the no-confidence motion was at its peak. Meet us in closed rooms in the silence of the night, express unconstitutional desires. Meet in the dark of night, but cannot be called traitors in the light of day. Your commander is a traitor, so why do you secretly meet him even today?

Arshad Sharif was in touch with the establishment and me

He said that there was no danger to Arshad Sharif’s life in Pakistan. Arshad Sharif was also in contact with the establishment and me. Arshad Sharif’s family also has Ghazis and martyrs. There is an inquiry in Kenya, I am in touch with the counterpart in Kenya. The government and we are not satisfied with the investigation that is going on, that is why the government has sent an investigation team to Kenya.

Make us accountable, but keep the measure of what we have done for the country and the nation

DGISI said that every citizen has a constitutional right to freedom of expression. Account us, but keep the measure of what I have done for the country and nation. It should not be the measure of what I did for you and your self.

When asked by a journalist about bringing Imran Khan, the DGISI replied that there could be a discussion about it sometime.

Not disagreeing with the Long March, will not allow the country to suffer from instability

He said that Pakistan is not in danger from external threats and insecurity, if there is any danger to Pakistan, it is from instability. Pakistan’s defense is strong because it is responsible for 22 crore people. He said that the army has no objection to any long march, sit-in and protest but will not allow the country to suffer instability and the army chief is right in this regard.

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