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Big Win for PML-N as Influential Figures Join in Balochistan

Quetta: A multitude of influential figures from diverse political backgrounds in Balochistan have pledged their allegiance to the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N). The seismic shift includes former Chief Minister Jam Kamal and a formidable cohort of former federal ministers, signifying a significant boost to the party’s ranks.

The roster of new PML-N entrants reads like a who’s who of Balochistan politics, featuring prominent names such as former federal ministers Sardar Fateh Mohammad Husni, Mujibur Rahman Mohammad Husni, Mir Asim Kurd, and Mir Dostin Domki. This diverse array of experienced politicians adds a wealth of knowledge and strategic prowess to the party.

Among the prominent figures making this strategic move to join the PML-N are former minister Khan Muhammad Jamali, Faiq Jamali, Ghafoor Lahri, Muhammad Khan Lahri, Salim Khosa, Shoaib Noshirwani, Zeen Magsi, Sardar Abdul Rehman Kehitrani, Sardar Masood Loni, Muhammad Khan Toor Usman Khel, and several others.

The extensive list also includes individuals like Noor Mohammad Damar, Sher Gul Khalji, Haji Barkat Rand, Shaukat Bengalzai, Attaullah, Rababa Bilidi, Mir Anwar Shahwani, Sardar Ali Haider M Husni, Jafar Karim Bangar, Sardarzada Idris Taj, Agha Faisal Ahmadzai, Malik Shehryar, Ramin M Husni, and Haji Noorullah Lahri.

High-profile individuals like Saeedul Hasan Atif Sanjrani, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Muhammad Ayub Baloch, Mir Ismail Baloch, Mir Tariq Bugti, Basant Lal Gulshan, and Muhammad Kashif, among others, have also joined the growing ranks of the PML-N.

The formal announcement of their allegiance took place in the presence of PML-N Supremo Nawaz Sharif, following thorough consultations and contacts with the party leadership. PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif warmly congratulated the political personalities of Balochistan, expressing his delight at their decision to join the party.

As these political heavyweights align with the PML-N, the political dynamics of Balochistan are on the brink of a substantial transformation, paving the way for a new chapter in the region’s political narrative. The move is expected to reshape the political landscape, heralding a promising era for the PML-N in Balochistan.

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