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Bridging Worlds: Hendrik van der Ham’s vision for SEVENTH

UTRECHT, The Netherlands: Hendrik van der Ham, renowned bridge builder and visionary entrepreneur, unveiled his latest endeavor – SEVENTH, a groundbreaking project poised to redefine sustainable living on a global scale.

Born amidst the picturesque canals of Utrecht, and raised navigating on rivers in The Netherlands, Hendrik’s journey is a testament to the power of vision and innovation.

His company, BRIDGES2000, established in 1999, has emerged as a leader in creating safe and purpose-driven connections. From his inaugural project, a 4.2km pedestrian bridge in the Himalayas, to subsequent ventures in project development, Hendrik has consistently pushed the boundaries of possibility.

In 2007, fueled by a transformative dream which happened in 2002 and a deep-seated commitment to sustainability, Hendrik embarked on his most ambitious project to date – SEVENTH.

Inspired by the legendary Atlantis and guided by a prophecy of profound significance, SEVENTH is envisioned as a floating island community, with a central pyramid surrounded by smaller ones, set to be replicated in ten cities worldwide.

SEVENTH is more than a mere architectural marvel; it is a testament to Hendrik’s unwavering dedication to ethical development and environmental stewardship. With a focus on fostering healthy living and sustainability, SEVENTH represents a paradigm shift in community design, offering a blueprint for a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature.

As Hendrik brings SEVENTH to fruition, his story serves as an inspiration to all who dare to dream big and embrace the power of innovation. In a world facing unprecedented environmental challenges, SEVENTH stands as a beacon of hope – a testament to the transformative potential of visionary leadership and collective action.

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