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Bushra threatened me to not attend court hearing or I will lose my life: Dania Shah

  • Dania alleges Bushra Iqbal delaying her husband’s postmortem.
  • She says Aamir Liaquat’s postmortem should and will take place.
  • Dania adds Bushra spreading rumours through Aamir’s phone.

Dania Shah, the third wife of popular TV host and anchor Aamir Liaquat Hussain, has said that her husband’s postmortem should and will take place.

Taking to Instagram, Dania said that her husband’s former wife Bushra Iqbal was delaying the postmortem, alleging that she was threatening her to not come to the hearing or she will lose her life. 

“Postmortem will and should take place and everything will be cleared. There must be a reason why [Bushra] is delaying the postmortem,” said Dania. 

She went on to say that Bushra was gaining the media’s attention and trying to act helpless.Expressing her anger against Bushra, Dania said that she was spreading rumours by using Aamir’s phone. “You [Buhsra] have looted Aamir in the name of your children. Where were you when his video was leaked?” she asked. The 18-year-old further said that she has the right to get the postmortem done and she will get the matter investigated.

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