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Crompton Saltini rebranding to Eden, reflecting refocus on brokers and clients

DUBAI: Crompton Saltini, the renowned luxury real estate brokerage, is rebranding in the UAE to Eden. This strategic transformation marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards growth and excellence in the real estate sector.

The rebranding to Eden is driven by the ambition to expand the company and create a brand that is not solely tied to the personal identities of its founders. The new name aims to shift the focus towards brokers and clients, fostering an inclusive and secure environment for all stakeholders.

“Our goal was to grow the company and separate it from being solely associated with our personal identities. Eden offers a secure environment for all parties involved, encompassing brokers, clients, investors and sellers,” explains co-founder Barnaby Crompton.

The rebranding process was meticulously planned, with a clear vision of the organisational goals and the level of service the company strives to deliver. One of the main challenges faced was finding a name that genuinely expressed the company’s mission and values.

“Finding a name that encapsulated all of that was time-consuming, but we are very confident now that we have the perfect name for what is becoming an incredible company,” adds Eden partner Fabricio Saltini.

Both Barnaby and Fabricio have made it into the top 30 brokers list in Dubai, compiled by Arabian Business.

Feedback regarding the name change from both clients and stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive. While there have been some inquiries about the decision to move from a well-respected brand to a new one, the commitment to maintaining the company’s reputation and principles remains strong.

“The rebranding has not changed our core service; only our name has transformed. New name, same values,” Crompton reassures.

Along with the name change, the company has introduced several new marketing and branding initiatives. These include the launch of a fresh new logo, a revamped website, and the acquisition of new domain names to better reflect the Eden brand.

The name change will not affect existing clients or ongoing transactions. The company will continue leveraging its extensive experience in the UAE real estate market.

“We remain committed to delivering exceptional service, leveraging our 60+ years of expertise in the Dubai real estate market to support our clients and expand our brokerage and agents,” says business partner Fabio Saltini.

Looking ahead, Eden aims to continue its growth into the super prime luxury market and establish itself as a secure haven for top-tier brokers in Dubai. This strategic direction is designed to ensure clients receive exceptional care and attention from some of the most skilled and dedicated brokers in the market.

“Our long-term objectives entail sustained expansion into the super prime luxury market and establishing ourselves as a secure haven for a select group of top-tier brokers in Dubai,” the super prime broker says.

As part of the rebranding, the company is also updating its website and collaborating with a social media company to enhance its presence on these platforms.

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