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Earthquake jolts Gilgit-Baltistan, adjoining areas

Islamabad: A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 rattled Gilgit-Baltistan and its surrounding areas, sending shockwaves through the region and prompting residents to flee their homes in panic.

The tremors, which struck particularly strongly in Chillas, triggered widespread concern and raised alarms across neighboring countries, including India, Pakistan, and China, according to reports from Google. The seismic activity has ignited fears about potential aftermath and necessitated swift response measures.

Prior to the earthquake, Chief Minister Haji Gulbar Khan of Gilgit-Baltistan had already taken preemptive steps in anticipation of heavy rains and snowfall in the region. In light of the seismic activity, he directed the local administration to remain on high alert and to enact proactive measures to address any emergent situations.

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Chief Minister Khan underscored the critical importance of maintaining communication networks, ensuring the availability of equipment for road maintenance, and having the administration poised for immediate response efforts. His directive aims to bolster preparedness and minimize the impact of the earthquake on the region’s infrastructure and inhabitants.

As authorities continue to assess the extent of the damage and evaluate ongoing risks, efforts are underway to provide assistance and support to affected communities. The solidarity and resilience of Gilgit-Baltistan will undoubtedly play a crucial role in overcoming this natural disaster and rebuilding stronger than before.

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