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Ease of doing Business in UAE: Flexi desk demand picks up

A flexi desk or co-working space can be ideal for getting physical address, price, convenience, flexibility and productivity for new businesses.

Dubai: As the UAE market rivals some of the world’s most prominent business centres, there is a strong demand for flexi desks and co-working spaces across the emirates, especially at prime locations, according to a report by Ascent Partners.

Anyone launching a business in this dynamic market for the first time or opting to expand their existing business will find that a flexi desk is an inexpensive business solution for any venture to prosper in the UAE.

“Being cost-effective, the concept of flexi desks is growing in popularity as it offers a dynamic work environment coupled with plenty of additional benefits, including the fulfilment of space obligations from a compliance standpoint being on the top of the list of advantages,” said Ravi Krishnan, General Manager at Ascent Partners.

“Flexi desk or co-working spaces can be ideal for price, convenience, flexibility and productivity for new businesses,” he said.

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What are flexi desks?

 Flexi desks are a shared space structure, ideal for startups and freelancers with flexibility on monthly or daily payment based on the number of team members, completely outfitted, furnished and equipped with IT support systems.

Flexi desks are among the easiest physical spaces to get businesses up and running with a cost-effective correspondence address, video conferencing facilities and meeting rooms. The size, availability and prestige of additional facilities can all play a part in costs.

Why flexi desk?

 Choosing a flexi desk space also removes the headache of getting physical address and services like phones, internet access and reception facilities as it suits both mainland business setups and free zone legal entities.

“It is a low-cost, customizable option for businesses of all sizes,” Krishnan said.

The most attractive part of a flexi-desk is its low initial price and flexible costs. Many Dubai free zones offer packages with minimal overhead, affordable initial investment and on-demand use of commercial facilities to support micro companies. The price of flexi workstations varies depending on the business setup area.

Flexi desk locations

 Flexi desks are among the cheapest ways to gain a physical address for a new business. Many prospective business owners consider prestige and perception of address, and rightly so. Some free zones that have options with affordable packages to kickstart a business at a low cost and bootstrap with minimal expenditure are:

  • IFZA
  • Meydan Free Zone
  • Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone
  • Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)

How can Ascent Partners help?

Ascent Partners is a boutique consultancy providing bespoke, end-to-end corporate services ranging from company formation to accounting and bookkeeping and compliance services for entrepreneurs looking to set up their next venture in the UAE. We work alongside to strategise, startup, and scale businesses in the UAE and the broader region.

With a combined experience of 50+ years, our expert consultants provide reliable and unparalleled guidance throughout all strategic phases of a business’ evolution.

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