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ECP issues detailed decision of Tosha Khana Case

Islamabad: The Election Commission has issued a detailed decision on the Tosha Khana case, in which former Prime Minister Imran Khan was disqualified.

It is written in the decision that according to Imran Khan, the gifts were bought for 2 crore 15 lakh 64 thousand, but according to the cabinet division, the value of the gifts was 10 crore 79 lakh 43 thousand.

The bank account details mentioned by Imran Khan were requested from the State Bank. At the end of the financial year 2018-19, Imran Khan’s account had 51.6 million rupees. Khan was obliged to give cash and bank details in the statements, which he did not.

Imran Khan’s statements do not match the bank records, the former prime minister did not explain that the error in the statements was unintentional, Imran Khan admitted that he did not disclose the gifts nor the sale proceeds in the financial year 2019-20.

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According to Imran Khan, all the details are disclosed in the tax returns, Election Commission and FBR are separate institutions.

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