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Eight Killed, Dozens Hurt in Chilas bus attack

Gilgit: In Chilas bus attack, eight people lost their lives, and 26 others got hurt on Saturday evening.

The bus, going from Ghizer to Rawalpindi, was stopped by people on motorcycles. They started shooting at the bus, causing the driver to die on the spot. The bus then crashed into a cargo truck. The attackers ran away.

Rescue teams and police took the injured to the hospital. Some are in very bad condition, and there might be more people who didn’t make it.

Even though Gilgit Baltistan has been peaceful, this attack has made people worried. The area had some attacks before, and this one reminds everyone that there are still safety problems.

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The police are checking everything to find the people involve Chilas bus attack, and make them face the law. All vehicles coming into the area will now travel in big groups to keep people safe.

No group has said they did the attack yet. Leaders and officials are saying they are working hard to find out who did it.

The police and leaders are telling everyone to stay united and strong. They promise to do everything to catch the people behind this terrible attack.

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