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Elahi won the vote of confidence in Punjab Assembly

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) started overnight proceedings in the Punjab Assembly for the vote of confidence on Parvez Elahi.

A lunch break was taken in the Punjab Assembly meeting, after which the meeting of January 11 was terminated and the meeting was adjourned till 12:05 PM today, however, the meeting resumed after a short break.

After the session resumed, a resolution was presented for a vote of confidence on Chief Minister Punjab Pervez Elahi, Raja Basharat and Mian Aslam Iqbal presented a resolution for a vote of confidence, after which the voting process continued.

Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi reached the Assembly after waiting for hours, in the interval, the meeting of the parliamentary party of PTI and Q-League continued under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister.

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According to the attendance registers, 181 members of PTI and Q-League attended the House.

Opposition to boycott meeting:

On the other hand, the opposition boycotted the Punjab Assembly session, slogans of bandits were raised by the opposition in the House, after which members of the PML-N and People’s Party walked out of the Punjab Assembly House.

PTI’s claim regarding the number of members

Earlier, former Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry had said that the target of 187 members has been met, some more members have left to attend the meeting.

In a conversation with private TV, Deputy Speaker of Punjab Assembly Wasiq Qayyum said that today we have revealed our full numbers, it was being said that we do not have full numbers, we thought we will show them today by completing the numbers. The Chief Minister expresses confidence that the expected resolution will not be a vote of confidence.

He said that if more than 186 members are counted in the resolution, then the chief minister will get confidence, the members can be counted through the resolution.

Meanwhile, the opposition has also claimed that Parvez Elahi is not getting majority in the assembly.

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