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Electricity has fully restored in entire country, Khurram Dastagir

Islamabad: According to the announcement issued by the Ministry of Energy and Production, the electricity transmission system has been fully restored in the entire country.

According to the statement, the disruption in two 500kV lines south of Karachi has been removed this morning, after which power has been restored in the country.

According to the Power Division, the power supply is being increased from alternative plants, which will return to normal by Friday morning.

Earlier, Energy Minister Khurram Dastgir had said that all the cities and districts are being restored in a phased manner. It is hoped that the power supply will be completely restored in the whole country till the west.

While giving a press conference in Islamabad, Minister of Energy Khurram Dastgir said on the breakdown of electricity across the country that electricity supply has been restored to Multan, 5 thousand MW of electricity has been restored out of 8, Karachi has been restored from the National Grid. The 1,000 MW supply was cut off, the system will be fully restored by West.

He said that it takes some time to reactivate the system, all the power plants will start working by evening, all the cities and districts are being restored in a phased manner, trying to reach the northern parts of the country in time. Protected from shutdown, power was restored in record time even during floods.

The energy minister further said that the investigation team will report the incident in four days, disciplinary action will be taken in the light of the investigation report, if any action is to be taken against me, the parliament has full authority.

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