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‘Emotions with Motions’: A collective art exhibition by 9 artists

DUBAI: ‘Emotions with Motions’ was a collective international art exhibition centered around visual storytelling. The exhibition showcased work that drew upon memory and storytelling to visually communicate the personal experiences of nine artists from different nationalities.

The project was conceived and curated by Jesno Jackson, with the collaboration of Picasso Gallery. Within this exhibition, each work captured the essence of emotions with vibrant colours and thoughtful details, which brought to life the beauty of new growth and transformation.

Meet the nine artists who experienced epiphanies throughout the creative process, and the work they created mirrored their thoughts and emotions as they pertain to be in their own personal journeys.

Clarisse Meneghetti – Brazil: Inspired by her studies in the Fine Arts Institute of São Paulo first with a major degree is Artistic Education and Art History and later in Baccalaureate in Paintings at the Faculdade de Belas Artes de Sao Paulo – FEBASP (University of Fine Arts of Sao Paulo), and influenced thereafter by the movement that surrounds her, Clarisse is able to capture on canvas colours and motions that exist beyond plain sight. She embraces her very own dynamic expressionism where her indiscriminate use of colours with spatula strokes communicates current inner sensations with great movement dynamics. Also, the absence of figure and the freedom that the abstractionism gives her to express her feelings and emotions on the canvas sedimented her career into a prominent contemporary artist. Having exhibited her artworks in Europe, South America and in the Middle East, Clarisse continues to paint in her atelier in Dubai where she currently resides.

Mohamed F S Awad – Saudi Arabia: Mohamed Awad is a Saudi artist and owner of 3D Artworks Gallery. He specialises in 3D orientalist reproduction artwork. The gallery was opened in April 2018, specialising in 3D orientalism art. He is based in Saudi Arabia, and has participated in many international art events and fairs. As an artist he feels there are many ways to express himself. Over the years he has experimented with many themes, products & different techniques. He feels 3D embossed technique, has helped him express the best way he feels. Finding the right theme, the research, the history, the materials and best of all, your personal touch. This is only the beginning to his new discoveries.

About Elham Ghorbani Shad – Iran: She is an Iranian artist and a painter and has been experimenting with different materials and techniques throughout the years. Elham usually gains inspiration from nature and women figures in the everyday surroundings. She has held three solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions around the world.

Ayah Odeh – Jordan/Palestine: Ayah Odeh is a Palestinian Jordanian, who made Dubai her home more than two decades ago. To her, art is a way of life and expression. Almost all her paintings are identified by the black and white stripes – it’s her signature move. Lately, she has been drawn to animal faces, there’s so much character behind their expressions – so intense they can’t be put in words, just in painting. Be it fierceness, tenderness, attentiveness or aggression – each animal has a unique message, a purpose that she only started to relate to after becoming a mother.

Mujeeb Kehar – Pakistan: Mujeeb Kehar is a visual and sculptor artist from Pakistan, based in Dubai, UAE. He has a master’s degree in fine Arts from Pakistan. His work encompasses all forms of art. He’s been engaged in art for over 30 years and has been inspired by Mohan Jo Daro. He is using multiple mediums and trying to use new techniques in art. Mujeeb Kehar’s signified style ‘Calligraphic Abstract Installation’, Haroof calligraphy combining with sculpting abstraction in exploring the shapes and curves of Arabic letters.

Mona Hussein Ali – Britain/Sudan: Mona Hussein Ali is a research scientist with passion for art. Although she never studied art as a subject, she was fortunate enough to have her work selected by the United Society of British Artists for exhibition at the Westminster Gallery, London. Her work was also chosen as a finalist in the European competition of ‘Paint a Wildlife Subject’. Painting wild animals and African societies is where she finds herself.

Azin Rezaei – Iran: Azin was born in Tehran, Iran in June 1993. The first talent she discovered in herself was painting. She graduated in the field of visual arts, and is currently a psychology student. She learned photoshop and design for five years. Simultaneously, for 10 years, she worked in a company specialising in medical photography and medical film editing. She works with various media in her paintings, but her favorite are pencil and oil colors. She is an idealist, perfectionist, and a protester against any infringement on freedom and beauty. She often expresses her emotions and reactions to events through writing, and she enjoys writing and literature to the extent that she felt the need for more expression through painting, so she resumed her artistic activities. She started with an idea called ‘Women in the Middle East’. Women have always been her concern and focal point.

Lené Pieters – South Africa: Lené dabbled in art from a young age. Raised in the presence of strong creative women, her childhood was shaped by crochet, knitting, sewing clothes, curtains, swags and decorative linens. Mixed media is the perfect vehicle for her style of experimentation. Since 2008, Lené has been operating as Moonberry Studios and has completed various mixed-media artworks, both for private collectors and corporate clients. She is also illustrating The Magic Carpet Series of children’s books in mixed-media, in collaboration with Emirati author, Dedra Stevenson. Lené is a DED licensed NFT artist, editor, writer and also coaches people to explore their creativity in their work, whether as writers, artists or corporate professionals’ intent on expanding their creative thinking mindset.

Margarita Ado – Lithuania: Margarita Ado (born 1976) lives and works in Kaunas, Lithuania. She paints realistic artworks that are distinguished by their plots and classical painting. Each piece of art tells a story that draws the viewer into a game of interpretation. Her pieces of art can be found in private collections in the USA, Spain and France. Margarita also creates metal sculptures from recycled materials and writes poetry.

“The pieces I’ve chosen for ‘Emotions with Motions’ immerse us as some of the best narratives do, in the midst of things. We will enter with a kind of jolt and what we witness will have something timeless about it. Like flipping to a page somewhere in the middle of a novel and beginning to read, we might not know what’s going on, but we gladly read on. While selecting work for this exhibit, I was taken aback by the many interpretations of this theme – including the ways in which each artist depicted their own unique revelations,” says Curator Jesno Jackson.

The 30 remarkable art pieces allow you to see your place not only within individual stories but within a collection of interwoven narratives – an abstract taped to a wall, sculptures of infinity, the woman in middle east, an orientalism with its Arabic beauty, a collection of wildlife, the classical touch of realism, women in expressionism with dynamic movements, sustainable portraits of women and so many more striking visual tales to tell.

The exhibition was inaugurated by H.E Mr. Yaqoob Al Ali in the presence of Lara Tabet, Dr. Heike, Kiara Kaur, Maktoum Al Marzouki, Wafaa, Tahani, Shiraz and Hanifa. H. E Laila Rahhall, Mr. Abdul Aziz Ahmad, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Yousuf, Dr. Mariam Sheikha and many more personalities have visited the exhibition and supported the artists with art guided tour throughout the show.

Gems New Millenium School visited with Art Department for a guided tour.

Exhibition officially opened on August 19 and closed on August 29.

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