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FIA dismissed reports of torture on Senator Swati

Allegation of physical violence during the legal custody of the accused is strongly condemned: Spokesperson

Islamabad: The Federal Investigation Agency has dismissed as baseless the news of allegations of torture during the arrest and detention of Senator Azam Swati, who was arrested on a controversial tweet.

According to Sources, the Federal Investigation Agency has rejected allegations of alleged torture during the arrest and trial of Senator Azam Khan Swati by FIA Cybercrime over the controversial tweet issue.

FIA while explaining any kind of torture or ill-treatment of Azam Swati during arrest and investigation said that news is circulating on social/electronic media regarding allegations of torture on Senator Azam Khan Swati during arrest and physical custody are baseless.
FIR No. 159/2022 against Azam Swati under section 20 of PICA Act and other sections 131, 500, 501, 505 and 109 of PPC was registered in October.

The FIA ​​officials say that after fulfilling all the code of conduct and legal requirements, they arrest Senator Azam Khan Swati in the presence of the Magistrate and the raid was conducted and after the arrest on the orders of the Judicial Magistrate FIA ​​Islamabad. The medical board to be formed declared Senator Azam Khan Swati medically fit.

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The FIA ​​spokesperson said that the allegation of physical violence during the legal custody of the accused is strongly condemned as the dignity and sanctity of the senator was ensured throughout the legal process.

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